City Station Indoor Netball Evening League

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All evening netball games are at 101 Waterloo Quay, Wellington.
Game start times will vary from 5.40pm to 9.40pm, Monday to Thursday.



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  • Terms and Conditions:

    Registration Fee - nil

    Game Fee - $78 per game per team from March 6th 2023. This is to be paid in ONE transaction by the team captain prior to the game unless the team is invoiced prior for the full season's fees

    Teams that withdraw from the league will not be refunded.

    All WIS City Station evening Indoor Netball games are played at 101 Waterloo Quay, Wellington.

    Due to heavy demand on time slots from Monday through to Thursday, 9.40pm games will be scheduled. These games will be shared out as evenly as possible.


    Any team defaulting a scheduled game within two working days will be charged a default fee of $78.

    If two or more days notice is given to default a scheduled game, the $78 default fee is not charged IF this game is played at a later date. This game may be played against different opposition. The points scored will be updated following the conclusion of the match.

    Teams will receive their full allocation of bonus points at the beginning of the season; one bonus point will be deducted per week if a team defaults their game in that week, has any outstanding game fee arrears or does not adhere to the one transaction payment policy.

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