Indoor Netball

Suitable for the novice to competitive league player

Indoor Netball is a 6-a-side version, created from outdoor netball and basketball in mind. Played inside on one of our fully netted enclosed courts, the game is very sociable, fast-paced and FUN!

Indoor netball is a popular game that appeals to a wide range of people. Even if you’ve never played netball before, you will find this a fun game to learn with simple rules and it’s a great way to meet new people.

However if you play competitive outdoor netball or if you’re looking for a faster fun challenge, indoor netball is also the sport for you!

Key Information



Location(s): WIS City Station
League Types Available: Mixed league, Women’s league
Team Numbers Required: 6 players on court, maximum of 8 people per team, per game.
Registration & Weekly Fees:

$84.00 per game (applies from July 8th 2024)

Team game fees are due in ONE transaction from the team captain.

Next League Starts:

WIS City Station

Netball Winter League 2024 (17 weeks)

Begins July 8th 2024 – 31st October 2024

Netball Summer League 2024/25 (17 weeks)

Begins October 28th 2024

Netball Autumn League 2025 (17 weeks)

March 2025




Quick overview of our Indoor Netball competition

Each Indoor Netball league last 16 or 17 weeks depending on the season and there are 3 leagues throughout the year (Summer, Winter and Autumn). Each league will begin with a grading period for 3-4 weeks followed by around 12 weeks of competition rounds. Your team will play at least one game per week during this period.

Every season is finished off with finals matches to find a winner for each grade.

Evening games run for 40 minutes (four quarters of 9 minutes) and lunchtime games are 30 minutes (3 x 9 min periods). The game is started by taking a toss-up at the halfway line between two centre players from opposing sides. The aim is to shoot the ball through the hoop at the ends of the court.

1 point is scored for shooting the ball into the hoop inside the half semi circle marked on the court, and 2 points for shooting outside of it. The use of the sideline nets to pass the ball around makes the game even more interesting. LUNCHTIME LEAGUE ONLY – Each team will select a bonus period in which their goals are doubled for that period only (Captains to advise umpire before the start of the game).

If you want to know more, check out the rules here.

Grading of teams ensures the pace is challenging while suited to your level of fitness and ability

Whether you’re looking to increase your fitness, have a social fun-time with friends, or seriously compete to keep your netball skills up, the large number of teams that play indoor netball and our effective grading system ensure you’ll be placed in a grade that suits you.

Mixed or women’s indoor netball teams accepted

Mixed teams are made up of a 3/3 ratio of women and men (minimum of 2 female players are required for the lunchtime netball round). There are also grades for ladies teams at City Station only.

Register your indoor netball team today.

For more information contact:

WIS City Station:

Evening Netball

Kelsey Tarawa
(04) 472 5588
[email protected]

Lunch Netball

Kevin Martin
(04) 472 5588
[email protected]