Indoor Cricket

A version of the classic one day game brought indoors!

This 8-a-side version of the classic one day game is fast-paced and tons of FUN!

Indoor cricket is of particular interest to those wanting to keep their cricket skills up over the winter months. Generally those who play indoor cricket have an ongoing interest in the game.

All men teams and mixed teams accepted – casual or corporate.

Key Information

Location(s): WIS City Station
League Types Available: Men’s league, Mixed league
Team Numbers Required: 8 players on court, maximum of 8 people per team, per game.
Registration & Weekly Fees:

$112.00 per game (applies from March 6th 2023)

Team game fees are due in ONE transaction from the team captain.

Next League Starts:

WIS City Station

Evening Cricket Summer League 2022/23 (17 weeks)

Begins October 24th – Ends 3rd March 2023.

Evening Cricket Autumn League 2023 (17 weeks)

Begins March 6th – Ends 30th June 2023.

Evening Cricket Winter League 2022 (17 weeks)

Begins July 3rd – Ends 27th October 2023.

Quick overview of our Indoor Cricket competition

Each Indoor Cricket league lasts 16 or 17 weeks depending on the season and there are three leagues throughout the year (summer, winter and autumn). Each league will begin with a grading period for 3-4 weeks followed by around 12 weeks of competition rounds. Your team will play one game per week during this period.

The season is finished off with semi-final and finals matches to find a winner for each division.

Played inside one of our fully “netted” enclosed courts, the game is lightning fast. Quick reactions and a good eye will keep you one step ahead. Batters use the nets to score runs, but in doing so also open up greater opportunities for the fielders to make a great catch, or grab a run out.

Everyone in each team will bat, bowl, and field during a game, which not only makes for great team building, but also encourages participation from the whole team. All this entertainment is dueled out in the space of an hour and ten minutes!

If you want to know more, check out the rules here.

All men teams and mixed teams accepted

You can enter a casual or corporate team for the evening Indoor Cricket league. Talk to us for more information.

Register your Indoor cricket team today!

For more information contact:

WIS City Station:

Evening Cricket

Kelsey Tarawa

(04) 472 5588