Join the best Indoor Sports competition at Wellington Indoor Sports!

Whether you want to challenge yourself with competitive indoor sports or have a laugh with friends while getting in a bit of exercise with social indoor sports, we welcome all corporate and social teams, and our comprehensive grading system will ensure your team is playing in the right league.

With hundreds of teams playing across 4 sports at our great venues, we run the most popular Indoor Sports leagues in Wellington!

WIS Indoor Netball

WIS Indoor Soccer

Registration: nil
Game fee: $66 per game ($72 from July 2021)

Registration: nil
Game fee: $65 per game

WIS Bubble Soccer

WIS Indoor Cricket

Booking Cost: $195 per hour

Registration: nil

Game fee: Newtown – $96 per game. City Station – $96 per game. ($104 from July 2021)

Played across 4 great Wellington venues:

Your questions answered…

If there is no new league starting soon can I still register now for the next league?
Answer: Yes, you can register mid-season to secure a spot in the next league or request to enter a current league if spots are available.

How do people get placed in the league?
Answer: We have 3 – 4 weeks grading period before each new league starts to determine which grade your team should be placed in for the round. There can be errors from time to time in grading some teams but we usually get a pretty good result. One person can make a huge difference to the way a team performs so if a good player is away or injured the teams performance can change considerably.

Will there be an umpire for every game?
Answer: Yes! They won’t necessarily be trained to an elite level but they’ll have a good understanding of the rules and will control the game at a safe level. We make adjustments to our umpiring processes to ensure the league stays safe and fun for everyone. For instance, a 5 foul count rule has been introduced to the indoor soccer for umpires.

How do we find new or replacement players?
Answer: Some venues such as WIS Shed 1 have a notice board for people to use. You can also use our Facebook page to try and find new or replacement players – please don’t leave your personal or contact details on Facebook though for safety reasons.

For more information, please contact one of our venues.